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IGPN Events

IGPN Held Webinar to Discuss How Environmentally Friendly Product and Green Purchasing to Tackle Climate Change

The International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) Webinar was held on July 12, 2022, members met to discuss survey report of . About 20 participants such as IGPN members from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, India, China, China Hong Kong, and UNEP Official, and representative from TCO Development attended the webinar.

The webinar was hosted by the IGPN Secretariat-China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC), chaired by Ms. ZHANG Xiaodan, CEC general manager. Mr. CHEN Yanping, Chair of IGPN, presented his speech in opening remarks, “Green purchasing aims to facilitate sustainable consumption and production, it could be an important tool for carbon reduction and carbon neutrality in the world. I hope with in-depth discussion to provide valuable recommendations on how to synergize SCP and climate change.” Mr. Farid Yaker, the program officer of UNEP Economic Division, introduced the ongoing activities of UNEP for Mitigating Climate Change through Low Carbon Procurement. It has presented recommendations on policy integration, practice as well as public and private collaboration on green procurement to tackle climate change. Mr. Augustine Koh, Chair of GPN Malaysia, affirmed the findings of the survey report and put forward suggestions as how to leverage the role of IGPN platform and extend good practice.

The report of was compiled by IGPN Secretariat based on the survey of practices, measures, and approaches of IGPN Members in advocating green purchasing activities to tackle climate change. In the summary speech, Ms. ZHANG Xiaodan said: “This survey report is the one of the achievements of IGPN Secretariat annual work plan. Next, based on the outcomes of this webinar and further comments and suggestions, the Secretariat will finalize the report and release it in late 2022 in order to give full play of the role of green purchasing in global response to climate change”.

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