IGPN held International Symposium on Green Purchasing in Bangkok

International Symposium on Green Purchasing was held at the IMPACT exhibition centre in Bangkok, Thailand on 7th October 2005. The speakers came from Asia and Europe and approx 150 people eagerly attended the symposium. The number of attendees, which easily exceeded the organisers’ expectation, confirmed the view that green purchasing was indeed prevailing fast in Asia
Mr Santi Bangor’s speech opened the symposium and set the tone of the event. It was followed by a presentation by Prof Ryoichi Yamamoto, University of Tokyo/Chair of IGPN, on the key concepts related to green purchasing and the development status of this approach in the world. Then Mr. Hiroyuki Sato from IGPN made a presentation on the global activities of green purchasing. Mr Peter Nohrstedt from The Swedish Environmental Management Council talked of the status of green purchasing activities in Sweden.

Green purchasing law and promotion of green procurement in Japan was explained by Mr Hideki Onizaki from Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. The last speech in the morning was by Mrs Eleni Pasdeki-Clewer on the UK government’s sustainable procurement strategies and Sustainable Procurement
Task Force.

In the afternoon, companies from Thailand and Japan presented their activities on green purchasing. Mr Akira Nakamura’s presentation covered green purchasing, green product supply and recycling at Matsushita Electric.Mr Kitjar Ruangthai explained how green purchasing had been implemented at Siam Cement. Ms Yukari Sakamoto of Fuji Xerox presented the company’s environmental management and green procurement. Lastly Ms Sumon Sumetchoengprachya from Thailand Environment Institute spoke of Thailand Green Purchasing Network (TGPN).

The audience was then invited to raise questions, which prompted some lively discussions between the audience and the speakers.

Presentation Reports
The International Symposium on Green Purchasing in Bangkok
Symposium Reports
Global Environmental Issues and Green Purchasing
Ryoichi Yamamoto (Professor of The University of Tokyo, Chair of IGPN, Japan
Overview - Global Activities of Green Purchasing
Hiroyuki Sato (Secretary General, GPN/IGPN, Japan
Green Purchasing in Sweden
Peter Nohrstedt (The Swedish Environmental Management Council, Sweden)
The Green Purchasing Law, and Promoting Green Procurement in Japan
Hideki Onizaki (Ministry of the Environment, Japan)
Sustainable Procurement Task Force
Eleni Pasdeki-Clewer (Defra,UK)
Panasonic Activities Green Procurement & Green Products
Akira Nakamura (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.,Japan)
SCG Green Procurement
Kitjar Ruangthai (Siam Cement plc, Tailand)
Environmental Management and Green Purchasing at Fuji Xerox
Yukari Sakamoto (Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., Japan)
* This symposium is supported by the Japan Fund for Global Environment of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency.