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Call for interest to join the International Green Purchasing Network

IGPN launched in 2005 to promote Green Purchasing around the globe with all stakeholders, such as international organizations, businesses, governmental organizations, local authorities and NGOs, who take the initiative in implementing Green Purchasing.

The objectives for IGPN is established are:(a) Promote globally the development of environmentally friendly products and services and Green Purchasing activities;(b) Share information and knowhow on Green Purchasing and environmentally friendly products and services internationally;(c) Harmonize the efforts of Green Purchasing and the development of environmentally friendly products and services from a global viewpoint.

Become a Partner of the International Green Purchasing Network(IGPN)to share, scale-up and replicate your work and showcase your contribution to International Green Purchasing development.

The IGPN is open to all organizations agreeing with the objectives that are interested in joining an active implementing and a collaborative platform supporting the implementation of objectives.

The partnership application form is available now.

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