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KELA - Korean Environmental Labelling Association

URL : http://www.koeco.or.kr/


Organization Information

Contact information: TEL: +82-2-358-6800(ext 116), FAX: +82-2-358-8561
Location: 613-2 Bulgwang-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, 122-706, Korea
Number of members: 565
Number of Non-members:  
Organizational Structure: Board of Directors: 20 persons; Number of employees: 32
Region: Asia
Sources of funding: Subsidiary from Ministry of Environment (National Body); Eco-label fees (Corporate)
Ecolabel fees (Corporate)
Type of Organization: The only Eco-label program body authorized by the Ministry of Environment
WWW pages: http://www.kela.or.kr/
Year established: 1994



Checklist/Guidelines and Specifications/Criteria: Criteria for products: 102:
Education Materials/Tools (non-professional):

in Korean version: Eco-design software and LCA software development
and distribution to the industry section free of charge;
Annual eco-products exhibition hosted by KELA; others: booklet, poster

Environmental Label (ISO),
Other (Energy Star, etc.):
Eco-label Operations (Type l & ll)
Events: Annual green purchasing workshop for public authorities, private companies and civil organizations: 250-300 persons (attendees are 90% from public sector, 10% business and NGO groups); Small group workshop: 5-10 times a year
General Guidelines or Principles
for Green Purchasing
(which apply to overall activities):
Good Practices/
Case Studies for Purchasing:
Market Research and
Awareness Surveys:
Several kinds of eco-products related research
such as cost & benefit analysis of the eco-labeled products.
Product List/Database: Number of products in database: 2,150
Program Name/Main Activity:
Related Laws/Regulations,
(i.e. “Green Purchasing Law”):
Act on the Promotion of the Purchase of
Environment-friendly Products (effectuation from July 2005);
Eco-label program:
The Development of and Support for Environmental Technology Act
Suppliers List/Database:  
Training Course/
Tools (market related):
annual training and education course for public organization (in Korean version); several presentation material in Korean and English version



Concerning social aspects:
  • Voluntary Agreement with industry sector for green purchasing
  • Providing green consumption information and supporting education of green consumerism to the NGOs
  • Developing green specification for construction industry
Evaluation Method:
Annual evaluation of the performance by Ministry of Environment on green purchasing, release the result to the public via Internet and official gazette
  • Annual guideline for green purchasing for public organization based on “Act on the Promotion of the Purchase of Environment-friendly Products
  • Report on cost and benefit of eco-products
Other activities: KELA will be reorganized to the “Korea Eco-Products Institute (KOECO)”
in the end of August 2005 based on“Act on the Promotion of the Purchase of Environment-friendly Products”.
KOECO will conduct the following:
  • Eco-products information providing to the public organization, industry sector and consumers
  • Target items selection and eco-products criteria development
  • Conformity assessment if the concerned products meet the relevant criteria of eco-products
  • Educational and public relations activities with respect to eco-products
  • Corresponding other activities entrusted by the head of a public agency in order to encourage the purchase of eco-products
For more information, please address your concerns to Mr. Samuel Moon, ecomark@hanmail.net

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