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JEA - Japan Environment Association

URL : http://www.jeas.or.jp/


Organization Information

Contact information:  
Location: Prime Kamiyacho Bldg. 2F, 1-11-9 Azabudai, Minato-ku,Tokyo, 106-0041,Japan 
TEL: +81-3-5114-1255, FAX: +81-3-5114-1257
Number of members: n/a
Number of Non-members: n/a
Organizational Structure: Board of Directors: 23 persons
Region: Japan
Sources of funding: Ministry of the Environment (National Body)
  Ecolabel fees (Corporate)
Type of Organization: Not-for-profit organization approved by the Prime Minister
WWW pages: http://www.jeas.or.jp/
Year established: 1977 (Eco Mark Program started in 1988)



Checklist/Guidelines and
follows ISO14024
Education Materials/
Tools (non-professional):

Various materials are available in Japanese;
Material in English “A guide to Eco Mark” is available at

Environmental Label (ISO),
Other (Energy Star, etc.):
Eco-mark (Type I)
Events: Symposium1-2/year, Talk shows co-organized with retailers,
Consultation meetings for certification application -over 10 times in Osaka
and other places, exhibition booth at business shows and fairs
General Guidelines or Principles
for Green Purchasing
(which apply to overall activities):
Good Practices/
Case Studies for Purchasing:

Market Research and
Awareness Surveys:
Conducts survey on market share of Eco Mark certified products. (annually);
Conducts survey on consumer awareness and reliability (annually)
Newsletter: Eco Mark News (http://www.ecomark.jp/english/news.html)
Product List/Database: In Japanese (http://www.ecomark.jp/img/w_new2.gif)
Product Categories: 45 (as of June 2005)
Number of products in database: 4,935 (as of June 2005)
Program Name/Main Activity:  
Related Laws/Regulations,
(i.e. “Green Purchasing Law”):
Suppliers List/Database: n/a
Training Course/
Tools (market related):



Concerning social aspects: n/a
Measurement/Evaluation Method: n/a
Publications: Other activities (for Japan Environment Association);Junior Eco-club, etc.
For more information, please
address your concerns to
Ms. Hiroko Mizuno (dc3h-mzn@asahi-net.or.jp)

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