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US Office of the Federal Environmental Executive

URL : http://www.ofee.gov/


Organization Information

Contact information: task_force@ofee.gov
Location: Washington, DC; 202-564-1297
Number of members: 500+
Number of Non-members: 4
Organizational Structure: Steering Committee, 3 persons
Region: U.S.A
Sources of funding: Federal agencies
Type of Organization: National government organization, Federal government task force
under the White House Council on Environmental Quality
WWW pages: www.ofee.gov
Year established: 1994



Program Name/Main Activity: The United States’ Federal green purchasing program was established by several laws,
including the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (recycled content products program),
Energy Policy Act (energy-efficient products program and alternative fuel vehicles program),
Farm Security and Rural Investment Act (biobased products program), and Clean Air Act
(non-ozone depleting substances). Several Presidential Executive Orders supplement the statutory requirements. In addition, Executive Order 13101 established the voluntary environmental products purchasing program component of the Federal program, and Executive Order 13148 directs
Federal agencies to reduce their use of specific chemicals in specific applications
by 50 percent by the end of 2006.  These laws and Executive Order requirements are implemented through Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy (DOE),
and Department of Agriculture regulations, EPA and DOE guidance,
Office of Federal Procurement Policy guidance, the Federal Acquisition Regulation,
and individual agency acquisition plans, policies, and regulations.
Checklist/Guidelines and Specifications/Criteria: n/a
Training Course/Tools
(market related):
Green purchasing training courses, offered as requested
Education Materials/Tools (non-professional):
  • Training materials generally for U.S. Federal agency contracting officials but also for product specifiers
  • Extensive web site links to Federal agency green purchasing program components and green building resources.
  • Web site links to third party certification organizations, industry trade associations, and non-profit organizations providing specifications, databases of product sources, and other relevant information
  • Training materials, including a link to an on-line course, “What is Green Purchasing, Anyway?”, hosted on the Office of Personnel Management’s web site.
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Annual awards program
Environmental Label (ISO), Other (Energy Star, etc.): n/a
Events: Seminars
General Guidelines or Principles
for Green Purchasing (which apply to overall activities):
Good Practices/Case Studies for Purchasing: Case studies and best practices are available
Market Research and Awareness Surveys: Biennial Reports to the President on Federal Greening the Government Activities
Newsletter: quarterly newsletter “Closing the Circle News’ , Number of readers: 500+
Product List/Database: n/a
Suppliers List/Database: n/a
Related Laws/Regulations, (i.e. “Green Purchasing Law”):
  • Several laws, including the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Energy Policy Act, Farm Security and Rural Investment Act, and Clean Air Act
  • Executive Order 13101 and Executive Order 13148



Concerning social aspects: n/a
Measurement/Evaluation Method: n/a
  • “Closing the Circle News’, our quarterly newsletter
  • “The Federal Commitment to Green Building:  Experiences and Expectations”, September 17, 2003

Other Activities:

We have six mission areas:  environmental management systems, waste prevention/recycling, green purchasing, sustainable buildings, electronics stewardship, and sustainability.  There is a green purchasing aspect to each area.  Specifically, our web site contains EPA-developed guidance on incorporating green purchasing into environmental management systems; best practices of Federal agency purchasing to prevent waste; best practices in designing sustainable buildings, which includes specifying green products; and tools for purchasing greener electronics.

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