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The World Bank

URL : http://www.worldbank.org/


Organization Information

Contact information: Robert Hunja (rhunja@worldbank.org) or Dominique Brief (dbrief@worldbank.org)
Location: MSN 10-1009, 1818 H Street NW, Washington DC, 20433, United States
Number of members: 184 member countries
Number of Non-members:  
Organizational Structure: Executive Board (24 Executive Directors); Number of employees (~10,000 globally)
Region: Global
Sources of funding: International financial markets; Member countries (National Bodies)
Type of Organization: Multilateral Development Bank (MDB)
WWW pages: www.worldbank.org
Year established: 1944



Checklist/Guidelines and Specifications/Criteria:

Corporate (yes); Operations (yes; some in development)

Education Materials/Tools (non-professional): Training materials for both corporate and operations staff are in development.
For corporate staff, an Environmentally Responsible Procurement Guide is available
for business managers and procurement officers. For operations staff, the training is intended for bank staff (HQ and field officers) and representatives of interested client countries.
Environmental Label (ISO),
Other (Energy Star, etc.):
2 WBG buildings Energy Star Certified
Events: Seminars and Workshops (periodically throughout the year)
General Guidelines or Principles for Green Purchasing (which apply to overall activities): yes and, in development
Good Practices/Case Studies for Purchasing: in development
Market Research and Awareness Surveys:  
Newsletter: Corporate (monthly), Procurement Operations (quarterly).  Circulation:
  • Corporate ? A general Services Department newsletter is circulated to all World Bank staff; this includes at least one article on greening efforts (may or may not involve procurement)
  • Operations ? Procurement Forum newsletter
Number of readers: ~1000
Product List/Database: Corporate and Operations (under consideration)
Program Name/Main Activity: The Corporate Greening Program focuses on all areas of reducing the Bank’s internal environmental footprint, from improving energy efficiency to staff awareness to solid waste management to green procurement.  The Operations program (client country lending) seeks to enhance procurement mechanisms to better incorporate both social and environmental considerations for our client lending.
Related Laws/Regulations,
(i.e. “Green Purchasing Law”):
not applicable
Suppliers List/Database: Corporate: Supplier Diversity Database
Training Course/Tools (market related): A help desk is being developed to provide continuing support to bank staff and client countries. Websites are: Corporate [EPP (www.worldbank.org/ess; click on Main Activities); SRP (www.worldbank.org; type in search ‘Supplier Diversity’ or click here)]; and, Operations [In development



Corporate: A supplier diversity program was developed to increase business participation of Minority, Women, and Disabled-Owned Business Enterprises (MWDBEs) by direct contracting and by working with prime contractors to help them expand their subcontracting of WB related business. WBG procurement practices provide opportunities for access and growth of minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses.
Operations: In FY05, operations introduced procurement clauses for socially responsible procurement (child labour; forced or compulsory labour) for client lending. Other procurement guidelines are forthcoming (e.g. pest management bidding documents).
Measurement/Evaluation Method: :in development
Publications: Yes, listed on the websites
For more information, please address your concerns to Dominique Brief (dbrief@worldbank.org)

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